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Sakthivel Balasubramaniam


I always look for simple, clean, onthefly and secure ways to update git docs, finally here it is! Pople!

How it works

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Add Repository

Create new or provide permission to an existing repository

Create Repository
Add Contents

Add pages and folders to your repository, and organize the tree

Create Repository

Publish pages indipendently, commits to the repo

Our Core Features

You can use Pople as a private internal Wiki, as a notes manager, or as documentation repository.

Simple & Quick Notes

Never miss an idea again. Write down as quickly as possible.

Organize Your Content

Create lists, tables and even add images to your notes.

Web Experience

Access it on any device, any time at your convenience.

Data Protection

All your notes are stored on GitHub. We do not use your data.


Experience ad-free premium writing environment.

Leverage Git

Utilize powerful features like version control to time-travel through notes.

Easy integrations with tools

Ability to connect Pople with tools that you already use and love (more integrations in the works)

Pople writing options

Writing experience

Pople comes with a simplified editor that lets you take good notes, utilizing existing formats. Add images to visualize your thoughts, write code blocks for better understanding and even track history with powerful undo/redo operations.

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