About Pople

The mission is to provide a safe and lock-in free platform for note-taking without worrying about storage of your data.

Story behind Pople

As a productivity enthusiast, I've tried many note-taking applications. I use them for keeping track of tasks and writing down my thoughts.

But for over a year now, I've been looking for a tool that lets me own the content I write. It's either stored locally in my machine or stored in their servers.

Storing it locally doesn't let me write from multiple devices. And sometimes, as I read all the privacy issues that pop-up, saving it in some servers also doesn't Feel great.

I'm fine to have it stored in some servers as far as it's not used for analytics or targeting.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case usually. Wanna know more? Read The Hidden Privacy Risk in Note-Taking Apps

After a long search, I decided to see if anyone else share this problem. And by talking to a bunch of great folks, I was sure that this is a problem.

That's why I decided to build Pople

Why GitHub? Because of their privacy statement. As far as they are concerned, you are only committing some data to their repo

Key Values

  • Provide fast & elegant writing experience
  • Privacy-first
  • Tackle vendor lock-in

Team Behind


Indie-maker and a Frontend Engineer with speciality in building scalable SAAS applications and websites. I've been in this field for over 7 years and have built multiple products on the side.