Frequently Asked Questions

The mission is to provide a safe and lock-in free platform for note-taking without worrying about storage of your data.


What is Pople

Pople is a note-taking and documentation app that uses GitHub to store all your data.
We ensure that we do not store your data with us. All your data is privately stored in your GitHub Repository

Why does Pople use GitHub

We use GitHub as it is well placed to connect developers and product owners alike.
Apart from that, GitHub has a very committed privacy statement that respects data privacy.

How to use

Signup using your GitHub account and then connect your repository or multiple repositories with Pople. Once connected, you will be able to work with the files in the repo via Pople.

What can I do with Pople

Pople lets you take rich notes using our full-fledged editor, add lists & tables and even upload images to your GitHub to using in your pages.

What is the pricing

Pople is completely free to use while in beta. We are continuously working on adding more functionality to improve your experience and enhance productivity.
Once launched, you will still be able to enjoy most of the features for free. And opt-in for specific value-added features.